Of yesterday for Tomorrow

May 10 - July 14, 2022

St. John’s University’s Department of Art & Design is proud to announce the opening of OF YESTERDAY FOR TOMORROW, the 2022 BFA Thesis Exhibition. This exhibition is organized by the Department Art & Design and the Yeh Art Gallery. The exhibition will be on view from May 10 – July 14, with an opening reception on Tuesday, May 10 from 4:30-7:30pm.

The work of this year’s thesis exhibition embraces diverse creative techniques and approaches that encompass illustration, photography, video, sculpture, and mixed-media installation. The artists use these mediums in both traditional and new ways, engaging us effectively and surprisingly, not only through exciting imagery, but also through materials, form, and sensations.

The artists in this exhibition appear to be hyperaware of not only the passage of time, but the present on which they stand. For them, the effects of past personal experiences, the impact of unsung heroes, and the consequences of our collective decisions or lack of action, have ignited a creative process that searches for meaning and promises resolution. They all refuse to move forward ambivalently.

Adriani and Vargas search through their memories, questioning the idea of home and the events that shaped who they are, respectively. Time and space no longer confine the experiences of Tiburcio-Zane as she manipulates her memories, altering images of the past. Huaco contemplates the long and ongoing clash between nature and the built environment negotiating a balance through abstraction; while Cherpellis protests, pointing at our failure and irresponsibility as stewards of the planet. King reminds us of those forgotten and offers us the opportunity to mourn and recognize their contributions. Avril rebels against conformity and the expectations of social groups, proposing an alternative for self-expression through fashion.

They all come to terms with the causes of the “now,” and bravely suggest with their works a course correction – for themselves and for us all – before the next step is taken.

Participating Artists: Sara M. Adriani, Arielle C. Avril, Catherine M. Cherpelis, Natalie T. Huaco, Ian King, Arecis Tiburcio-Zane, Delilah R. Vargas