March 27 - April 27, 2018

Take a moment to consider the immense ethnic diversity within the borough of Queens. Included in this diverse region is a wonderful community of Peruvians and Peruvian Americans willing to share their cultures with others. Join the students of the M.A. Museum Administration and Public History Programs at St. John’s University as we explore Peru’s cultural traditions and what inspires the safe keepers at Pachamama Peruvian Arts; located in Jackson Heights. This ethnographic exhibition features elements of Peruvian culture including music, dance, and food representing the wide range of Peruvian society as it is replicated and maintained here in Queens. The show includes the perspectives of Alicia Donnelly, Guillermo Guerrero, Juan Carlos Polo, Yolanda Roldan, and Arantxa Roman which relay the bond they have with their culture as it pertains to their role at Pachamama Peruvian Arts. Also on display are breathtaking works of art by Elva Navarro Acharte and others that showcase the depth and beauty of Peruvian culture. All are invited to the Dr. M.T. Geoffrey Yeh Art Gallery in Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall at St. John’s University to experience and celebrate the dedicated efforts of this group to safeguard Peruvian culture in Queens.

Featured Artists: Alicia Donnelly, Guillermo Guerrero, Juan Carlos Polo, Yolanda Roldan and Arantxa Roman.

Exhibition curators: Alexander Lee, Alina Gainetdinova, Dylan Hammond, Elizabeth Dipippo and John Harris.

This exhibition is curated by students in St. John's University's M.A. Museum Administration and Public History programs.