Patricia Domínguez

Planetary Tears
January 30 – August 1, 2020

Patricia Domíguez: Planetary Tears is the artist's first solo installation in New York City. Celebrated for her imaginative multimedia projects that meld techno-futurist imagery with pre-Columbian symbolism, Chilean artist Patricia Domínguez will present an adapted version of Eyes of Plants, her recent three-channel video originally commissioned for Gasworks in London, which will be presented alongside examples of the artist's prints, as well as a site-specific wall painting.

Domínguez's mesmerizing video, flanked on either side by monitors that display scans of the artist's animated green irises, yokes viewers through a journey of colonialism and indigenous cosmology. The triptych of screens in the Yeh Art Gallery creates a chapel-like setting for viewers of the Eyes of Plants. The video explores the history of healing with roses, intersecting with mestizo rituals: roses were first transported to Latin America by European settlers, and through the influence of the Catholic church acquired a curative power.

Patricia Domíguez: Planetary Tears is organized for the Yeh Art Gallery by Owen Duffy, Director.

Accommodations generously provided by Lacasapark Art Residency.

Image: Patricia Domínguez, still from Eyes of Plants, 2019. Three-channel video, audio, 24:00 min, commissioned by Gasworks, London.  Photo courtesy the artist.