what kind of
plane am i

 Genevieve Goffman, Wednesday Kim, Chris Lloyd,
Mary-Audrey Ramirez, Andre Yvon

January 27 - April 23, 2022

Image courtesy Philip Hinge.

Opening Reception: Thursday, January 27, 2022, 4:30-7:30p

The Yeh Art Gallery, St. John’s University is pleased to announce what kind of plane am i, a group exhibition in the gallery’s window vitrines featuring the work of five international artists: Genevieve Goffman, Wednesday Kim, Chris Lloyd, Mary-Audrey Ramirez, and Andre Yvon. what kind of plane am i is curated by artist Philip Hinge, the founder of Catbox Contemporary, a gallery inside his cat’s cat-tree. 

Collectively the works of the five artists in what kind of plane am i reference pop images and subcultures, confidently utilizing and subverting these visual languages to stride into disquieting territory. The stylizations of each artist punctuate the five torso-sized window scenes, resulting in explorations of the fantastic, macabre, or autobiographical. The sunken wall cavities create a nonlinear connective web. The constraints of the shallow space synthesize condensed experiences, saturated and sized for an audience of one.

The scale of each glossy vignette implies preciousness, imbuing each installation with a shrine-like quality. This string of associative scenes become contemplations on sentimentality. As a grouping, these artists’ emotional allegiances are used to inventive ends. Signs of endearment, anxiety, and vulnerability adorn the singular realms, which manifest in the forms of paintings, digital prints, and a sculptural headdress.

Indulging in the theatricality of the segmented premise, a dioramic predella of mutual grimness unfolds. As the viewer moves from window to window, peering through the thin glass membrane, they are also reflected into it. The surrogate screen is now a vessel, a transposing kennel for the newly initiated.

Curator’s Bio 
Philip Hinge (b. 1988) lives and works in Ridgewood, NY. Hinge’s work has exhibited at a variety of venues, including,  Stepsister, (NY, NY), 427 (Riga, Latvia), Final Hot Desert (Utah), Ungefaehr 5 (Cologne, DE), mcg21xoxo (Chiba, Japan), 106 Green (NY, NY). Felix Art Fair (w/ Brennan & Griffin, NY) Plague Space (Krasnador, RU), Context, Art Miami (Miami, FL), Marvin Gardens (Ridgewood, NY), and Brennan & Griffin (NY, NY).

In addition to his studio work, Hinge also runs and curates two separate projects, Catbox Contemporary (Ridgewood, NY), and darkZone (NJ). Catbox Contemporary has regularly held exhibits in and out of Hinge’s apartment since 2017, with notable external shows being held at Alyssa Davis Gallery (NY, NY), Hot Wheels Athens (Athens, Greece), Felix Art Fair (2019), and Baitball (Polignano a Amare, Italy). darkZone was started in 2019 in Hinge’s childhood’s home’s basement. Hinge lives and works in Ridgewood, NY.